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Support the Source of Great Produce:

Apples/PearsAll YearBorton Farms Yakima, Wash. 
Edible FlowersAll YearJack Siri Ore City, Ore.X
Herbs, Fresh, AllAll YearHerbcoDuvall, Wash. 
LeeksAll YearCal Farms Ore City, Ore.X
Micro Greens RainbowAll YearJack Siri Ore City, Ore.X
Mushroom CriminiAll YearYamhill Co MshrmYamhill, Ore.X
Mushroom Oyster All YearWhite Forest MshrmTurner, Ore. 
Mushroom PortabelloAll YearYamhill Co MshrmYamhill, Ore.X
Mushroom ShiitakeAll YearTop Hat Scio, Ore. 
Mushrooms (White) All YearYamhill Co MshrmYamhill, Ore.X
Onions Red Yllw WhtAll YearPro Source OnionsNyssa, Ore. 
ParsnipAll YearHilltop Produce Troutdale, Ore. 
Potatoes Russet All YearBalcom  & Moe  Pasco, Wash. 
RutabagaAll YearHilltop Produce Troutdale, Ore. 
Sprouts-CloverAll YearSprouters Issaquah, Wash. 
AsparagusApr - JunSnow & Son Outlook, Wash. 
Baby SpinachMay - NovCal Farms Ore City, Ore.X
Beet GoldJul - Dec Hilltop Produce Troutdale, Ore. 
Beet Red Jul - Dec Hilltop Produce Troutdale, Ore. 
BlackberryJun - AugLiepold Boring, Ore. 
BlueberryJul - Sept Liepold Boring, Ore. 
Bok ChoyJun - NovHoward Calcagno Aurora, Ore.X
Braising Greens May - NovJack Siri Ore City, Ore.X
Butter LettuceApr - NovHoward Calcagno Aurora, Ore.X
Cabbage Green JumboJun - DecHilltop Produce Troutdale, Ore. 
Cabbage Green MediumJun - DecHilltop Produce Troutdale, Ore. 
Cabbage RedJun - DecHilltop Produce Troutdale, Ore. 
CarrotsJul - Dec Oregon Fresh Portland, Ore. 
Mushrooms Chanterelle Oct - NovWhite Forest Mushroom Turner, Ore. 
Chard Swiss RedMay - NovHoward Calcagno Aurora, Ore.X
Cherry Jun - AugBorton Farms Yakima, Wash. 
CilantroMay - OctHoward Calcagno Aurora, Ore.X
Collard GreenMay - DecHoward Calcagno Aurora, Ore.X
Corn WhiteAug - OctBill Case Farms Albany, Ore.X
Corn YellowAug - OctBill Case Farms Albany, Ore.X
Cucumber Jun - OctC & S Farms Canby, Ore.X
EggplantJul - OctDickey Farms Bingen, Wash. 
Green BeanJul - Sept Bill Case Farms Albany, Ore.X
Green LeafMay - OctCal Farms Ore City, Ore.X
Green Onion May - OctCal Farms Ore City, Ore.X
KaleJun - DecHoward Calcagno Aurora, Ore.X
Nappa CabbageJun - DecHoward Calcagno Aurora, Ore.X
Onion/Walla WallaJul - Sept Gardner Farms Walla Walla, Ore. 
Parsley CurlyMay - OctHoward Calcagno Aurora, Ore.X
Parsley ItalianMay - OctHoward Calcagno Aurora, Ore.X
Pepper Green BellJul - NovInaba Farms Wapato, Wash.X
Pepper Green Bell MedJul - NovInaba Farms Wapato, Wash.X
Pepper LargeJul - NovInaba Farms Wapato, Wash.X
Pepper RedAug - NovInaba Farms Wapato, Wash.X
Pepper YellowOct - NovInaba Farms Wapato, Wash.X
Potatoes Red/Yukon GoldOct - JunTualitin Valley Potato Sherwood, Ore. 
RadishsApr - NovCal Farms Ore City, Ore.X
RaspberryJun - OctLiepold Boring, Ore. 
Red LeafMay - OctCal Farms Ore City, Ore.X
Rhubarb CrimsonMay - OctSiri and Sons Clackamas, Ore.X
RomaineMay - OctCal Farms Ore City, Ore.X
SpinachMay - NovHoward Calcagno Aurora, Ore.X
Spring mixMay - OctJack Siri Ore City, Ore.X
Squash ButternutOct - NovInaba Farms Wapato, Wash.X
Squash DanishOct - NovInaba Farms Wapato, Wash.X
Squash SpaghettiOct - NovAutumn HarvestHubbard, Ore. 
Strawberries Jun - JulLiepold Boring, Ore. 
Tomato Aug - SeptInaba Farms Wapato, Wash. 
TurnipJul - FebHilltop Produce Troutdale, Ore. 
Watermelon SeededJul - Sept Walchli FarmsHermiston, Ore. 
Watermelon SeedlessJul - Sept Walchli FarmsHermiston, Ore. 
Watermelon YellowJul - Sept Walchli FarmsHermiston, Ore. 
Yellow SquashJul - NovC & S Farms Canby, Ore.X
Zucchini FancyJul - NovC & S Farms Canby, Ore.X
Zucchini MedJul - NovC & S Farms Canby, Ore.X

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