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Sysco Portland & our place in the market:

Consumers today want to know that their food comes from a safe, eco-friendly source. Sysco wants to help our customers reduce food miles by purchasing products from local suppliers; this helps promote freshness and sustainability. Sysco Portland is also committed to offering a vast selection of sustainable, natural, rBST free, biodegradable, renewable, compostable and organic products to provide our clients with the greatest variety of food products and business services in the industry.

Local Foods
Local foods help to reduce delivery miles, also called food miles. Local foods are expected to promote local economies, to be fresher and more flavorful while reducing handling issues, including lower transportation costs and using fewer natural resources. Sysco receives its local products from suppliers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California (as far south as Monterey).

An alternative to goods usually purchased in most stores. These products are made with ecological and environmental impact in mind throughout harvest and/or production.

Going Green
This is a comprehensive set of business plans and actions that can be taken to deliberately reduce and/or eliminate harmful effects on the environment, such as using bio-diesel or recycled truck wash water.

Certified Foods
A guarantee by the producer as having met certain requirements to ensure their product is following the principle of sustainable agriculture and production. Sysco carries products with USDA organic certification as well as certified by the Food Alliance, which is a third party organization that upholds sustainable practices.

Organic Foods
A US Department of Agriculture certification of the National Organic Program maintains that the products avoid the use of most artificial inputs, like synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and bans the use of animal by-products, antibiotics and sewage sludge among other practices.

Natural Foods
Natural foods are minimally processed. Natural foods do not include ingredients such as refined sugars, refined flours, milled grains, hydrogenated oils, sweeteners, food colors, or flavorings. In protein production, this also means no hormones, no antibiotics and 100% vegetarian fed diet.

A system of food producing that protects natural resources, safeguards the health and well being of workers and consumers, and enhances communities; this includes methods of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged and protects the future of the environment.

Socially Responsible
The principle that our company contributes to the welfare of society and is not solely devoted to maximizing profits.

Our commitment to providing safe, quality assured products to our customers.  To ensure that our customers are being provided with the highest quality products Sysco requires our suppliers to sign a hold harmless agreement which states that they are responsible for the integrity of their product.

Made from nature and can be returned to nature fairly easily through a composting process.

Renewable Resources
A resource is considered renewable if it can be naturally replenished. Sometimes this refers to sources of electricity such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric.  In food service, there are products made from corn, sugarcane, wheat, rice, potatoes, or bamboo that are replaced by new growth annually.

A product or material that can be converted back into material to be used again in manufacturing new goods is considered recyclable.  Reusable products are ones that are used again after salvaging by special treatment or processing.

A diesel-equivalent, processed fuel derived from biological sources, such as vegetable oils, which can be used in unmodified diesel engine vehicles.

r/BST Free
Sysco distributes dairy products that are r/BST (r/BGH) free. This means that our supplier will not treat any cows with r/BST, a synthetic growth hormone, for milk used in the products specifically labeled as r/BST Free.

Open the doors to Portland's PRODUCT GUIDEOpen the door to Sysco Products
Our Sysco Portland product guide (PDF) is updated periodically as we respond to seasonality & other market forces.  Our expert buyers are always on the look out for the newest ideas and freshest solutions.  In general, Sysco Portland stocks over 12,000 local, national and international products and ingredients; whether you are looking for NW natural beef, fresh produce harvested within 300 miles or the widest variety of spices, we are sure to have just what you need!

For questions regarding products, pricing, availability, versatility, storage and more, please contact a Sysco Marketing Associate.

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to ask us a question about products or how to solve a specific problem in your kitchen.

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QUALITY from START TO FINISH!  CLICK HERE to find out more about Sysco as a family of great brands, both local and national, plus smart partnerships and a history of excellence!

FOOD SAFETY FIRST, that's Sysco's way of doing business!  CLICK HERE for more information about the most reliable ways to handle food; Sysco can help your staff follow all the safety guidelines including sanitation, stock rotation and temperature control.

SAFETY STEPS FOR YOUR OPERATION: Everyday, Sysco makes food safety a priority. It is a process that starts with the farms, fields and producers and ends with your delivery brought to you by the safest, cleanest, best maintained fleet in America! FIND OUT MORE...

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Sysco Products, Safety & Market Information

Sysco Portland is committed to delivering Sysco branded products that provide consistency and exceptional value at all quality levels. We also stock a wide variety of local, natural and sustainable products to meet all sorts of food service needs.  See below for the guidelines we apply throughout our product offerings. 

Sysco proudly stands behind each Sysco Brand product displaying the Quality Assured emblem and guarantees these products conform to our stringent standards for food safety, sanitation, and consistency.

Sysco Supreme: Absolute top quality products similar in quality to Sysco Imperial, but unique in that they are rare in the industry, and virtually unique to Sysco. Sysco Supreme is reserved to the Elite of foodservice.

Sysco Imperial: The industry's best available quality products, produced in prime growing regions and packed to exceedingly-high specifications. Simply Excellent!

Sysco Classic: Sysco's lead quality level under which fine quality products are marketed. CLASSIC products meet or exceed top of the line, competitive "first" labels, and make up our largest array of products.

Sysco Reliance: Economy-positioned products that are specified at a level equal to competitive labels for similar grades or quality. Sysco Reliance products offer consistence and value.

Sysco Natural®: You can't expect what you don't inspect. So stands the time-proven philosophy behind Sysco Natural®, the foodservice industry's leading brand in the field of fresh produce.

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