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Sysco Portland takes pride in supporting local agriculture, growers and farmers marketplaces. In fact, Sysco’s culinary experts stock as much local product as seasonally available, including conventional and organic produce.

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Sysco Portland defines ‘local’ as product produced within the same area we serve: Oregon and SE Washington.  Due to the geography & seasonality that makes our NW community so special, Sysco also needs to source regional products to maintain the availability of the freshest ingredients.  Our goal is to stock the largest percentage of the seasonal produce from a radius of 100-150 miles.

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Our commitment to local agriculture goes well beyond the buying and selling of produce; Sysco Portland recently led a symposium open to all local growers on becoming GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified.  GAP is a way for growers big and small to monitor food safety in their growing and processing environment greatly reducing the potential for food borne illness.


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Calcagno Farms, Aurora, Ore.


Sysco Portland knows that our customers value fresh, nutritious, locally grown produce.  Sysco and PMA,, invited local growers to a one-day basic training program to explore the challenges of implementing a food safety plan. By providing education and solutions to local producers on how to meet the food safety requirements for restaurant and retail distribution, we are supporting the source.

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Smaller Footprint on a Better Path

For some people, local means sustainable; local also means shorter transportation distances reducing fuel, energy, and the costs of storage and handling. Sysco Portland works to further sustainability by helping our customers consolidate their purchases.

This makes simple environmental sense: buying more from one local source reduces travel miles vs. multiple sources. In turn, fewer trucks coming into Sysco creates a long-term reduction in the number of trucks on the road. 
The carbon footprint is smaller, and your food fresher!

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Sysco Portland is working constantly to bring high quality products and services to the food service and hospitality industry.  We do that by supporting the source! Fresh, Local, Safe, Sustainable.

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With the right input from you, our customers and the community, we can continue to clearly define ways to support food service and provide the community we serve with the right goods. 


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