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Everyday, Sysco Portland delivers the safest, highest quality food service products as well as industry leading customer support, such as business reviews and menu development.  Sysco continually works with suppliers and customers to shape the future of food service, while placing great importance on our local community.

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Over the past 40 years, Sysco has developed lasting partnerships that ensure our customers continue to receive the types of products they seek: local, sustainable, diverse, socially responsible, organic, safe, fresh and healthy,…from farm to fork, soup to nuts!

1925 - Tom and Panos Lampros became partners in Portland Supply Co., distributing alimited line of grocery related products to Greek restaurants. Their work was conducted from a little cubicle of space on NW Couch Street, using a covered flatbed delivery truck and 2 hand trucks.

1931 - Portland Supply Co. moved into 10,000 square feet on NW Glisan and began to purchase ona direct basis. A new Ford truck was purchased and operated by one driver andan assistant, who began to deliver to many non-Greek customers.

1951 - Portland Supply Co. changed its name to Portland Wholesale Grocery Co. and moved into anew 25,000 square foot facility on NW Quimby. There were now four trucks and $3000 was a big business day.

1964 - TheCompany moved into a modern, fully racked 60,000 square foot facility on SE 26th (off Powell Blvd.) Expansion into frozen foods followed soon there after.

1974 - Portland Wholesale was acquired by International Foodservice Corp. and expanded into meat, seafood, and poultry. Sales were approximately $14 million. About that time came the purchase of the Company's first tractor/trailer.

1975 - The Company purchased IQF Foods and worked its way into the healthcare market and local schools lunch programs.

1979 - The Company merged with Valley Wholesale and aggressively entered the Southern Oregon market.

1980 - Portland Wholesale Grocery Co. and Portland Frozen Foods merged. The Company occupied 200,000 square feet of the Heleco Distribution Center and annual sales were approximately $45 million.

1981 - The Company merged with CFS Continental and became Continental-Portland.

1985 - The Company merged with Garden Products Company and, with the addition of produce, truly became a full service distributor.

1988 - Continental-Portland, along with 18 other CFS Continental branches, was acquired by Sysco Corporation-- the largest food service distribution and marketing company in the world.

1991- 95 - SyscoFood Services of Portland, Inc. moved to its present facility in Wilsonville, OR.  A brand new 268,902 square foot distribution center, with annual salestotaling $240 million.

1998-2000 - Expansion of the facility mean improvement in efficiency, recycling, and other resources.  More room is set aside for proper handling of local fruits and vegetables, as well as the most reliable fresh seafood program offering incredible variety all year round.

2008 - Now known simply as Sysco Portland, the company has developed its local partnerships to include naturally raised protein and other quality assured products. The facility in Wilsonville has completed its 2nd large scale expansion to keep up with the growth of our Oregon and SW Washington customers, as well as to further the leadership in sustainable practices. 

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