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101 Ways Sysco Burger
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Sysco Portland's commitment to doing the right things for you and your business!

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Your ONE Source
+ Service Level
+ Food Safety
+ Customer Programs
+ Local Produce
+ Natural Products
+ Sustainable Proteins
+ Friendly People
+ Experienced sales team
+ Efficient deliveries

Fresh steak and seafood programs - national purchasing power brought right to your back door! 

Over 12,000 stocked items, including supplies and equipment, sustainable and earth friendly products, organic, kosher and specialty brands.

Welcome to Sysco Portland!  


Sysco Portland is your source for 100% quality assured, local, natural, food service products & services: fresh NW Seafood, sustainably raised beef, as well as the freshest local produce and dairy.  

Mission-To market & deliver great products to our customers with exceptional service.

Vision-To be our customers' most valued & trusted business partner.

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OVERVIEW of Products

Sysco Portland's PRODUCT Guide

Portland's PRODUCE Calendar

---- BR SERV (large)SERV IS HERE!
SERV, Sysco Educational Resource Venue, is a program designed around the purpose of hospitality: to serve!  Sysco Portland's Business Resource Team is dedicated to listening to your needs and providing support.  We know that food service management can be a daunting task; you are not alone!

In today’s competitive business environment, operators seek ways to improve profitability, stay on trend and manage their business effectively. 
Portland's Business Resource team developed SERV to support operators looking to insert positive practices into their business.

Sysco realizes operators develop relationships based on value. From exceptional product quality and operator support through SERV, Sysco Portland is committed to offer the highest level of service in the industry.

Sysco Investor Information

Sysco foods, services, solutions, partnerships...
As our trucks roll along delivering the highest quality food service goods all across the Northwest, we continue to share with our customers and shareholders alike how "Good Things Come from Sysco": Get the latest information on our business practices and results with the Sysco Annual Report & Sustainability Report! (listed as SYY on the NYSE)

Quality Assurance + Food Safety = Top Priority

Sysco Quality Assurance logoOur customers count!  That’s why Sysco Portland has taken a leadership position in Food Safety and Quality Assurance.

Here's How: Sysco maintains higher standards, often going above and beyond minimum requirements issued by the USDA; as Sysco leads the way, the rest of the food service industry elevates to keep pace thus improving the overall market place.

WHY? Because Sysco believes it's is the right thing to do. We’re proud of our track record in Food Safety and Quality Assurance, and want to make sure our customers understand the thoroughness of our processes.  We continually look for ways to make the supply chain safer – for the benefit of our customers and their patrons – because we care about them as we do our own families.

And what about competitors? Well, we hear from our suppliers that they follow Sysco's lead; they have come to understand that if Sysco has approved a supplier, manufacturing plant or production process as meeting our standards then it will be “good enough for them.”

When things go wrong – and there is always a small chance – Sysco has an unsurpassed communication and recall system in place to investigate and react as quickly as possible, whenever needed, to follow product right down to the customer level to take care of the issue.

Sysco is enhancing safety practices in all of our locations to provide the ultimate in food safety and risk protection for every product we deliver.  

Our customers can focus on growing their business knowing they get only the best, every day. At Sysco, Quality is not a promotion, campaign or short-term focus – ‘Quality Assured’ is our pledge and the way we do business!

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